The Hand of God – Part 2

After my last post it might have seemed like everything is going well, and I certainly don’t want to take away from all of the positives of Kim having a new rheumatologist. I also don’t want this to seem like the other shoe dropping, though it may be hard for me to accomplish that. The reality is that Kim is not doing well right now even though she has a great doctor. The infusion medication for her RD that she started last November, Orencia, has failed her. Whether her body ever responded or not we don’t know, but it’s become plainly evident that Orencia is not helping her. Her breathing and lung function have gotten worse, as have her pain, joint stiffness and swelling, fatigue, and her ability to function.

Her rheumatologist, Dr B, contacted her and recommended switching Kim to another infusion medication called Rituxan. We knew that was likely to be the next treatment option and have agreed to pursue it. She will get her first infusion next week and we would dearly covet your prayers for Kim and our family.

So, in light of this news and the title of these last two posts, where is the hand of God on Kim’s health right now? To be honest, there have been many times in the last few years where it “feels” like God is far away. When Kim’s health has been on a slow and steady decline for over the last two and a half years and when no treatment plan has helped, it’s hard at times to not question where God is. And so we simply fall. Not into despair or into self-pity, but into what we know about Him. We know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We know that His love for Kim is infinite and that He will — for His glory and for our good — work all of our struggles out according to His perfect will. And we know that the very hands that moved people and calendars to get Kim a new doctor are currently holding her. That “under His wings” she is safely covered and protected in spite of what may come. We continue to trust in God’s goodness and to follow His hands wherever they lead.


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5 responses to “The Hand of God – Part 2

  1. Cindy

    Praying for Kim and all of you! I am so very sorry her decline is still happening and the Orencia did not help. It is a blessing her new rheumatologist is a good fit and she is under good care. I pray everyday for wisdom and guidance from our doctors as well as God’s healing touch. It is so very difficult when His timing is not our own. As believers we must keep the faith and I am happy to see that you are doing that. Faith is what keeps us going and encourages us to try the new doctor or the new meds. Blessings to you both and may God’s tender touch be felt by both of you. Sending gentle hugs and prayers your way.

  2. Hello Eric! My sister, who has RA, sent me a link to your blog to help me better understand her disease. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, too. I have diabetes and my doctor upon my diagnosis 10 years ago, told me to check out the “caveman” diet. I did and am forever grateful that she pointed me in that direction. This way of nutrition also goes by Paleo, Primal, and Ancestral, should you want to look it up. But, please know, I am not an evolutionist as the majority of this community seems to be. I only have found that the guidelines for nutrition have made a huge impact on my own health. All this to say, I would love for you and Kim to look at these 2 sites and see how this way of nutrition has immensely impacted people with auto immune diseases! I am hoping that after all your wife has been through, that this may be a blessing to her and help her with RA! Please know that I am only sharing this because of the many people who have suffered with auto-immune diseases and have found great relief in simple nutritional changes. Praying for you and Kim right now. Mary

    • Merry,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! We are aware of the Paleo diet and have implemented many aspects of it into our diet, though we haven’t gone completely Paleo for reasons I can’t get into in a blog comment. Thank you for your concern and sharing your input. Hope you continue to do well as you face your own health issues and as you encourage your sister. Every blessing in Him!

  3. Eric, I am getting ready to head out for my first Rituxan infusion later this morning and my thoughts are with you and Kim. I am still recovering from a serious case of pleurisy which pretty much caused me to miss the summer months so far. As a result, my doc had me switch from Remicade (the key culprit in the lung issues) to Rituxan. Let’s hope this medication is more effective for both of us even though it is more intimidating and a bit scary ahead of the experience. Fingers crossed. Susan

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