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Thank You and The Winners

How do you start to say thank you when your heart is overwhelmed with gratitude? We set a goal of raising $1,500 for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation and we didn’t just make our goal, we far exceeded it by raising a total of $1,700!!!

Therefore . . . . .

  • To family, friends, Rheum-mates, and strangers I don’t even know who donated . . .
  • To those who shared our Wish on Facebook . . .
  • To those who Tweeted and re-Tweeted our wish again and again . . .
  • To those who took the time to link to our wish in a blog post . . .
  • To those who came along side us and promoted and supported this Wish as if it was yours . . .

. . . . . a huge, genuine, heartfelt Thank You!!!

Before we get to the winners, I want to look at some of the numbers behind our Wish.

  • 38 total donors.
  • 16 messages of love and encouragement left on our Wish page. I couldn’t keep track of similar messages on Twitter and Facebook.
  • This blog post was viewed 276 times in the last 7 days!
  • The same blog post was shared on Facebook 88 times and on Twitter 46 times in the last week!
  • The same post was viewed in 8 different countries around the world.
  • $1,700 raised for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation!

Lastly, by far the hardest part about doing this Wish was the self-promotion. I loath asking people for stuff that benefits me or something for me personally. That was hard. I didn’t like bombarding my Facebook and Twitter feeds with requests of “give” and “share”. I know many of you feel the same way. So thank you for allowing us to “blow up” the feeds over the last few weeks and thank you for taking the time to share it on your own feeds even if you felt uncomfortable doing it.

Let’s talk about the prizes. Below are the names of the winners. For the boxes, the first name chosen will get first choice, second name gets second choice, etc. I will be contacting all winners privately. Should a prize go unclaimed or if I cannot reach a prize winner, I will select another winner and they will move to the bottom of the list. I have set a 48 hour time limit for the winners to contact me about claiming their prize. Same rules will apply for the kitchen gift set.

And now without further ado, the winner’s list . . . drum roll please.

The winners of the boxes are:

  • Brex Wollin Jr.
  • Janet Graham
  • Sarah Fitch

Two of the first three winners did not claim their prizes so I picked two new winners.

The winner of the kitchen gift set is:

  • Sandy Schelthelm


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Wish Update And Another Giveaway!

So here we are with only one week left until our Wish for Kim’s RAD anniversary is done! We are currently just over $500 away from reaching our goal of raising $1,500 for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. When we originally announced in this post what we wanted to do, we told you that we would be giving away prizes as an added incentive.  For a minimum $25 donation, you would get the chance to win one of three prizes valued at over $100. Today we are revealing what the prizes will be. Below are the pictures of the actual prizes that will be awarded to three lucky individuals who donate to Kim’s Wish by December 12, 2012. The boxes in the following three pictures will be awarded to three lucky winners who have generously donated a minimum of $25 to our Wish. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Plus if you pull them up in the gallery, scroll down a little bit,  and on the bottom right hand side there’s an option to view the boxes full screen.

One of the things that we have learned as we have done this is that the biggest thing we need is promotion. We have to get the word out about our Wish. We are exceedingly grateful to those of you who have spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, and have blogged about it. We can’t thank you enough. However, with only one week left and the fact we are currently short of our goal by $500 or so, we have decided to sweeten the pot a little.

We are having another giveaway that will take place over the next week. Here’s what we are asking you to do; simply spread the word. Just share the link to our Wish page or to this blog post on Twitter, Facebook, or by blogging about it between now and next Wednesday, December 12, 2012. That’s it. We would love if you would share this on every source you have available for every day between now and next Wednesday, but that is up to you. In return for you sharing our Wish or this post, one person will win the prize package pictured below.

Wine glass holder, large maple spatula, small walnut stir spoon. The maple spatula and the walnut stirring spoon are my "go to" kitchen utensils when I cook. Love them both and have made some to give away. The wine glass holder is the holder only. We get to keep the glasses and you have to buy your own wine!

Wine glass holder, large maple spatula, small walnut stir spoon. The maple spatula and the walnut stirring spoon are my “go to” kitchen utensils when I cook. Love them both and have made some to give away. The wine glass holder is the holder only. We get to keep the glasses and you have to buy your own wine!

Here are the details:

  • We will work on the honor system. If you say you shared it, we believe you. [Besides, the guilt you would feel if you lied about it and then actually won would drive you crazy so just be honest!]
  • You must share our Wish or this blog post at least once, but we would love it if you shared it every day over the next week.
  • After you share either our Wish or this post, you MUST leave a comment in the comment section below telling us where you shared it (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.). That is the only way we will be able to choose a winner.
  • While many of you have shared our Wish information over the last several weeks, past sharing will not count for this giveaway. You must spread the word again.
  • In case you missed it, here is the link to our Wish page. Kim’s Wish

So there you have it. Spread the news, make sure to leave a comment below, and cross your fingers that you win next week!


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Our First Blog Contest!!!

In my last post I had dropped a teaser about our first contest on the blog. Today I want to fill you in on the big announcement!

To commemorate the one year anniversary of Kim being diagnosed with RAD, she and I would like to raise money for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF). It is the first and only non-profit organization dedicated solely to advocating for and helping those who have been diagnosed with RAD. Our goal is to raise $1,500 over the next six weeks. All monies raised will go directly to the RPF.

Now it hardly seems fair for us to ask you to give without giving something ourselves . . . . . so that is exactly what we are going to do! Give a minimum of $25 before December 12, 2012 at our Wishes.com link and you will be entered into a drawing for one of three fabulous prizes. The prizes will be three small custom woodworking pieces handcrafted by myself. Each piece will be valued at a minimum of $100. Shortly after December 12, 2012, we will randomly draw the names of three winners and will ship them their prizes. See below for contest rules and details.

In order to hit our goal of $1,500 by 12/12/12 we need your help! Here is how you can help.

  • Give if you can. $25 gets you an entry into the contest for the prizes, but any amount is appreciated.
  • The more people that know about this, the more money we can raise for the RPF. $1,500 is our goal, but we wouldn’t mind smashing that by a lot! This means that we need you to help spread the word about our contest.
  • Let people know by emailing them our Wish link, sharing it on Facebook, Tweeting it, or posting it on your own blog!
  • Follow the link to our Wish and become a Sidekick by sharing through Wishes.com!
  • When you do share, if you would include links to the RPF we would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you tweet it if you would include the hashtag #rheum and @RheumPF that would be great!!!

In the coming weeks we will post pictures of the prizes we will be giving away. Why not post them now??? I haven’t made them yet! So I have six weeks to get busy and while I’m in the shop we would appreciate you giving and spreading the word. Thanks so much!!!

In case you missed it, here is the link to our wish!!! Kim’s RAD Wish

P.S. Just to show you that you will be getting something of real quality if you win, here is small sampling of my work. Finished work. No. No one will be winning anything as large as is pictured in my finished work, but the quality will be of the same level!

Contest rules and details. Three prizes will be awarded. The individual value of each prize will be no less that $100. The prize awards will be final. To be eligible for a chance to win a prize you must donate a minimum of $25 towards our wish at Wishes.com. Three different random winners will be chosen shortly after the contest ends on 12/12/12. The winners will be notified in order to get their mailing information at which time we will ship the prizes directly to them. No spam, no selling of your personal information, no other hidden agenda, no strings attached, and no further obligation to read every post I ever write (though that would be very nice of you). Simply offering prizes of a significant value in exchange for monies being donated to a great cause!!!

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