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Graceful [Five Minute Fridays]

Linking up again with Five Minute Fridays. This week’s prompt is the word, graceful.

As soon as I saw the prompt, I was reminded of these lines from Andrew Peterson’s The Chasing Song,

“Well I realize that falling is not graceful, but I thank the Lord that falling’s full of grace. Some times I take my eyes of Jesus, that’s all it takes.”

Graceful brings images of people who always seem to have it all together. Who know exactly how to act in every moment. Who have the right word to say at the right moment or are able to respond with the perfect words. Those whose every step, minute, and fashion carries no foibles or mistakes. That isn’t me . . . and honestly, it isn’t anyone. The reality is that we all fall all of the time. That as humans our sin finds of short of God’s perfect righteousness. The reality is also that we are in that condition whether we are apart from God or whether He has claimed us as His own. Ephesians 2:1-3 lays out our sinful nature and the fact that we are dead in our sins. That is true of all people without Jesus Christ and it is also true of all people who believe in Christ, if it weren’t for verse four.

But God . . . ”

Two of my favorite words in all of Scripture. We see in the first three verses our predicament and then we see the solution . . . “but God.” The rest of the verse goes on to tell of God’s richness of mercy and grace. The image of grain warehouses overflowing in years of plenty are what I picture. God’s grace and mercy and love being poured out on those who are dead without Him. So that those who believe in Him go from being graceless to full of grace.


September 7, 2012 · 3:34 pm