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Holiday Cooking-Cookie Recipes

I have always done the majority of the cooking in our house. Now with Kim being sick I do all the cooking. No big deal, I love to cook. Most of the time I don’t follow a recipe, and when I do, I make changes. In our house I have been the cook and Kim has always been the baker. Well even that has changed a bit. With Christmas approaching I help her when she wants to bake and so it becomes a joint effort (Ha! Rheumy pun and I didn’t even mean to do it). Here are few of the traditional things we make.

Spiced Nuts-(who doesn’t)

Caramel Corn-(ditto)

Fudge-(we still haven’t found the “perfect” recipe)

Cookies, cookies, cookies!

Kim’s favorite cookie is a molasses cookie. Me? Not as big of a fan. However, a few years ago a friend of mine posted their recipe for Molasses Cookies and I made them as a surprise for Kim. This recipe is so good that even I will eat them. It has become tradition for me to bring the recipe to her parents house on the day we celebrate Christmas with her family. The smell of Molasses Cookies baking with the noises of family Christmas in the background is a good memory. Thanks to Tina for unwittingly sharing her recipe. You can find it here, Tina’s Molasses Cookies. Follow the details of her recipe and you won’t be disappointed.

A few months ago I was craving a really good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. A googling I went and after searching high and low I found what, in my opinion, may be the best cookie recipe ever! Bold statement you say? It’s a bold cookie. Not only does it have oatmeal and chocolate chips, but it also adds pecans, nutmeg, and clove so you end up with this chewy, chocolatey, just enough pecan nuttiness, slightly spiced goodness! Anyway, with thanks to the Smitten Kitchen here it is, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Pecan CookiesI have two suggestions in regards to this recipe. First, I omit the orange zest. I’m not a big fan of orange zest in baking most of the time and the first time I made the cookies I didn’t have an orange on hand. They tasted great without it, so why ruin a good thing. Second, as with all cookies, make sure to not over bake so that you get the nice crisp edges with the immaculate chewy centers.


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