Gwensday Wednesday

Gwen is a friend of our daughter. She is energetic and enthusiastic and talks very, very fast. She greets people with a smile and a hug and makes friends quickly. She likes unicorns and laughing and doing things for other people.

One day, Gwen and some of her friends were joking around and they decided to rename everyone’s favorite hump day, Gwensday Wednesday. They felt it needed a little more pizzazz to get people through to the end of the week. So Gwen made a community page on Facebook and within a short matter of time other students from the high school began to like her page. Gwen holds various “contests” on Gwensday Wednesday such as seeing who has the cutest sibling pictures and the like. She also does other things to build community like getting other students to help decorate every locker in the high school on February 13 so that no student would go without a Valentine on Valentine’s Day. No small feat for a school with over 1500 students.

Then someone suggested that Gwen should design some Gwensday Wednesday t-shirts for fun and so she did. She sold the shirts to other students and donated the money to local charities like the humane society. As the friendship between Gwen and our daughter grew, Gwen became aware of how Rheumatoid Disease affected Kim. And Gwen decided to do something about it.

Of her own initiative, Gwen chose to design a t-shirt that would help raise awareness for Rheumatoid Disease. As she worked on the shirt design she also decided to donate the money that would be raised through their sales to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. Before she had even shared the design of the t-shirt she was getting verbal orders from students and teachers at the high school. Yesterday, she unveiled the t-shirt design and it looks amazing!

Gwensday Wednesday
This is how one teenager and her friends chose to devote themselves to do something positive. Teenagers who saw a need and decided to help in any way they could. Gwen made herself part of the Rheum community simply because she cared and that one act of caring will have more of an impact than she could possibly imagine.

You can find and like Gwensday Wednesday on Facebook at



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