Change [Five Minute Friday]

This is my first shot at Five Minute Fridays. I have to admit that I am intimidated by the challenge and wondering a little bit if I belong as almost everyone else who links to this is a female. But I liked the prompt and the thought behind it and I’ve been more than impressed by what has come out of my friend Liz’s Five Minute Fridays.

So here’s the deal. The writing prompt is the word Change and I only get five minutes to write it. No rewrites, changes, or deleting is allowed. (I make an exception for my grammatical errors that I notice.) All I guarantee is that it won’t be long because I’m an incredibly slow typist.


I work in a little one-employee post office in a village of less than 400 people. Our town has two bars, two churches, and a canning factory. In the summer the town fills with migrants who come to make their livelihood at the canning factory. They come from Texas and drive to live in the migrant housing for the summer to provide for their families. Nice people who always smile and leave with a “Gracias, Sir!”

Fridays are payday and they come in to change their paychecks into money orders to send back to their families in Texas. Most of them speak little if any English and yet they come in and hand me hundreds of dollars of cash, trusting that I will change it into the right amount for their money order. Some of them even bring me their bills and I write them out for them and tell them how much they owe the companies when I’m done. They never question my honesty.

It rebukes me. It really does. How is that they can have complete and utter faith in another human being with the essence of what they and their families will need to live on, and yet I so often don’t trust God to handle my every days? Such a simple faith they have that I will be good and true and do right to them with their finances. Yet I worry and fret and plan when God tells me to trust and rely and consider the sparrows.




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3 responses to “Change [Five Minute Friday]

  1. Welcome to 5 minute Friday! You did great! May we all have that simple faith and trust that your migrant friends have. I suspect experience has taught them to trust you. Our experiences with God also teach us to trust. If we remember how He provided before, we can trust the changes He sends our way.

  2. Well done on your first attempt for Five Minute Friday. I enjoyed reading your contribution.

  3. Glad to you have you as part of Five Minute Friday–enjoyed reading your post!

    It’s a blessing how the Lord uses our interaction with others to teach us and point us to Him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so openly!

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