A Time To Laugh

On May 9, the US Food and Drug Administration voted to approve the RAD drug tofacitinib, otherwise known as a JAK’s inhibitor. This was huge news in the rheumatoid community and it’s approval was reported by numerous news organizations. Unfortunately, most of these articles show how uninformed the general public is about Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. This proves to patients with RAD and to those who support them in their fight how much work we have yet in front of us to raise the level of awareness. You can read more on Kelly’s excellent write-up.

Though there is something discouraging about this lack of knowledge it doesn’t come without us being able to laugh about it. Specifically this article by Doctor Robin Wulffson brought the RAD community much to be upset about, but also much to laugh about. Dr. Wullffson believes that the best way to treat RAD is by taking your standard over the counter aspirin. Trust me. That is laughable. However, the point the community found to be very entertaining was the typographical error that was soon corrected, but not before many of us saw it for ourselves. The good doctor referred to rheumatoid arthritis as “rheumatoid uterus“. Interesting. Is it contagious? What are it’s symptoms? How does it present itself? And does this mean that men cannot ever be diagnosed with it?

In light of this faux pas, we took upon ourselves to make a little fun of the doctor and tried to come up with other rheumatoid diseases and how they affected the patients or those around them. Ecclesiastes 3:4 “A time to weep and a time to laugh . . . ” so please laugh with us and feel free to contribute your own suggestions in the comments.

Rheumatoid Insanity – When your bones and joints are going crazy and people tell you, “But you don’t look sick.”

Rheumatoid Psychosis – A close cousin to rheumatoid insanity evidenced when the patient thinks they may be going crazy due to lack of understanding from their family, friends, or medical personnel.

Rheumatoid Deafness – An unusual illness that causes doctors not to be able to hear what their patients are saying.

Rheumatoid Seizures – An uncontrollable thrashing of ones hands and arms when someone tells a person with RAD that a diet change would cure them. Usually manifested by the intentional accidental slapping or hitting of the person who made the suggestion.

Rheumatoid Dyslexia – When someone reads, “RAD is an invisible disease.” and they think they read, “RAD is an imaginary disease.”

Rheumatoid Testicularitis – This happens when the patient with RAD has the courage and inner fortitude to advocate for themselves.

Thanks to those in the Twitter #rheum community who helped me with these ideas, Tracy, Kelly, Dana, Kate, Bob, and Heather. Keep laughing!


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6 responses to “A Time To Laugh

  1. Interesting, Eric. Continuing to pursue this humorous strategy may do more for #Rheum awareness than any other approach so far! Keep the momentum going #rheumies

  2. Rheumatoid Stupidity – Condition affecting 90% of doctors and 90% of laypeople causing them to believe RAD can be cured with high dose aspirin and ibuprophen treatment! AAARRRGGGHHH!

    Rheumatoid Typography – Lack of responsibility in reviewing one’s dictation in case a typist didn’t understand what you said (“uterus” instead of “arthritis,” for example).

    Rheumatoid Irresponsibility – When medical reporters don’t bother even to look in a medical dictionary, much less in Rheumatology journals and textbooks, before writing articles with serious errors that lead to further misunderstanding about Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease.

    Rheumatoid OCD – Clinging obsessively and compulsively to old terminology that does not promote better understanding and treatment of an extremely serious and all-to-commonplace disease that has a high disability and death rate.

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  4. There’s rheutirement. Getting pushed into leaving your job before you meant to because of your health.

    How about rheuvision – a change made necessary by RA?

    Or rheumoney – the money you don’t make when RAD keeps you from working?

  5. Rheumatightus : The feeling of our budget after rx costs

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