Simply Resting

If you have ever experienced the joy of holding a sleeping child, you will know. As their eyelids succumb to gravity and their breathing slows and evens out, the weight of the little body almost seems to get heavier as they slide into sleep. Soon the little face is all mashed up into the crook of your arm and they lay without a single care, simply resting in your hands without fear.

In his excellent book, Polishing God’s Monuments, on the subject of the sovereignty of God and personal suffering, author Jim Andrews has this to say; “We live in an intentional world where the providence of God reigns. The hand of God is in all things, not usually perceptibly or loudly, but silently, mysteriously, and so effectively that He maintains control of the course of history. We can think of history as the working out of His promises.”

As a follower of Jesus Christ, this is one of the dearest truths to me; that God is in control of every atom in the wondrous spinning array of galaxies, stars, and planets. That His hand not only flung the stars into space, but it also keeps them twinkling. Birds fall silent and He knows it and every springtime birth of nature He sees, but He is not simply a silent watcher. No, He is active in every aspect of our world, our environments, and our lives. In the pain and joy of living, whether there are tears of delight or sorrow, He is working. The end result is not for our punishment, nor is it to bring us to destruction. Rather, every aspect of our lives is woven together by His hands to bring Him glory and for our good. There is tremendous peace that comes with knowing that God is not some casual, unconcerned, observer of our daily lives. He is active and caring, compassionate and good, and He is working in our trials, our joys, and in our monotony of life for our good. With the knowledge of His sovereignty ever in my mind, I can simply fall into His arms and know He has control. When bad news comes and the “what-ifs” start running through my head there is nothing quite as peaceful as knowing that I have a heavenly Father who is not surprised about my tomorrow’s, next weeks, or my decades to come. To realize that He is not simply an observer, but rather actively involved, controlling ever single event as the Author and Finisher of our lives and our faith brings calm to my heart. Knowing He is in control allows me to rest under His wings with my face all scrunched up in His bosom simply oblivious to all but the knowledge that He loves and cares for me.


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  1. Liz

    Such a beautiful picture. Most of the time, I’d describe myself as “restlessly resting.” Maybe that doesn’t make sense to anyone else, but it’s where I’m at. 🙂

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